Organic Cardamom | Elaichi


Cardamom or ‘Elaichi’ as it is popularly called is the Queen of spices being the most favored and most used spice in the kitchen.

This aromatic spice belonging to the family of “Zingiberaceae” is characterized by its strong and pungent aroma.

Cardamom has great nutritional value being a good source of minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Cardamom has immense value for health purposes. It improves your digestive system, helps in controlling your sugar levels and even prevents diseases like cancer. Improving your heart health, controlling asthma and fighting depression are other benefits of cardamom. In fact a cardamom if chewed can rid you of chronic cough and colds.

“Sri Saraswathi Organics” brings you handpicked Cardamom of Western Ghats of Karnataka.

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