Sri Saraswathi Organics is the leader in Unpolished Millets/ Siridhanya Processing Sector and Organic Spices.

“Sri Saraswathi Siridhanya Mill is Karnataka’s No.1 Millets Mill”

Sri Saraswathi Organics Pvt Ltd. is situated in Chitradurga, The Millet City of Karnataka. We operate with the aim of

  • Empowering Small indigenous farmers.
  • Serving our customers with Value added Organic Produce.
  • Improving Biodiversity and Food security.
  • Developing Sustainable Harvesting & Farming methods.
  • Creating Local employment & Markets.
  • Implementing Fair Trade principles.

Sri Saraswathi Organics Pvt Ltd and Sri Saraswathi Siridhnaya Mill are the leaders in Unpolished Organic Millet/Siridhanya processing in Karnataka. We are the largest processor of Organic Unpolished Millets with a milling capacity of 1.5 MT per hour.  We are the processors of the best in class Unpolished Organic Millets variety with the help of world class Machinery and International Standards.

Best Quality of Unpolished Millets are produced at our Processing plant  Located in Chitradurga which is nearby Vedavathi basins in the state of Karnataka in India. Karnataka is considered as the Millets Bowl of India and Particularly the Fertile Lands across the river banks of Vedavathi and other rain fed lands of Chitradurga helps to grow the best quality of Millets. The Company has its roots of experience in the Industry of Millets Processing since 2016 and is a pioneer in experimenting and developing the best quality Millets.

Today the company has showed a marvelous growth in very short time and established as an Industry Leader with a storage capacity of 500 MT and milling capacity of 10 MT per day.

Our Most Advanced Infrastructure, Experienced & well trained Professional Personnel and Continuous quality check through Quality Control supports our Policy and commitment to produce the Best Quality Unpolished Millets.

All our brands are famous for their quality and standard and most demanded all over India and in abroad  too.

The beginning of the company was during 2016 with a Small Millet  processing and Millet milling plant as a proprietary concern and gradually grew into a partnership under current management in the year 2017 and was established as a private limited company in 2018.

The heart of “Sri Saraswathi Organics” is our commitment to be a living embodiment of love and consciousness in action. We have trained thousands of small family farmers to cultivate sustainable, organic farmland.

All “Sri Saraswathi Organics” products promote health and true wellness and are made with loving care.

Sujay Kumar C
CEO / Founder

Sujay Kumar, A Mechanical Engineer,  Graduated from BMS College of Engineering  quit his comfortable Corporate life to fulfil his dream of becoming an Enterpreneur . He fulfilled his dream through Sri Saraswathi Siridhanya Mill, through which he pioneered the concept of Bulk Purchase of Raw Millets, Storage, Process and Milling in Karnataka .